Partnerships and networks in place for Leadership candidates


Partnerships are being formed with local companies and enterprises to allow participants of the Graff Leadership Centre’s Finding the Leader Within programme access to opportunities that might otherwise remain closed off.

Initiatives put in place to date include a partnership with the gym in Mochudi to conduct sports sessions. The hope is that this will open up the chance for participants to eventually be selected for national teams. Sports associations that look after netball, athletics, softball and chess have also shown interest in arranging try-out sessions.

Leadership participants have also been given the opportunity for trial runs at the local Pie Time factory, a food-preparation company. Those who have completed their three-month trials, across a range of roles, have gone on to successfully fill permanent positions.

Other locals companies and NGOs have provided participants the possibility of job shadowing, enabling them to build an understanding of the differences in various work environments so they can channel their skills to the right roles when making job applications.

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