Graff Leadership Centre offers a beacon of hope


Mokhabelane Morahanye, the District Administrator for Leribe, the location of Lesotho’s Graff Leadership Centre, explains how the centre is critical to the well being of his community.

“AIDS has devastated our country. I know many of the grandmothers in my village, and I have been to the funerals of their children.

“In this area of northern Lesotho, there was information about AIDS, but no ongoing support, which was what our youth needed. Knowledge without a support structure is not enough.

“My vision is for Leribe to become an exemplar of what leadership is all about. We thank FACET Foundation for helping people to rise above their suffering. Help Lesotho has clear and comprehensive programmes, and its work at the Graff Leadership Centre plays a pivotal part in realising this vision. It is a special place for our people: everyone is welcomed, free to think and express opinions. I am proud that it is located here.”

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