Leadership programme participants learn new skills


Participants on the Finding the Leader Within programme at FACET’s Graff Leadership Centre (GLC) in Mochudi have attended a selection of different workshops that aim to nourish vocational skills as well as educate on issues such as the dangers of substance abuse.

Five participants attended the Agricultural Business Workshop at Sebele and learned how to make an agriculture business plan, start and run a farm or garden, and how to keep such a business running smoothly. With their new skills they will run a leadership garden at the GLC.

The dangers of substance abuse are a key issue in the local community, and this interactive session saw 45 participants attend, all learning how to avoid being exposed to the substances and of their risks.

In another activity a number of participants learned to make bead jewellery, with the aim of selling their wares as part of an income-generating scheme. Larona, from the GLC, said: “I can make beads now and sell them to tourists for money. I am happy now.” Other business related activities included seminars on entrepreneurship and a networking dinner.

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