FACET mobile programme gathers strength


Over the last year, the FACET mobile computer lab has provided learners with the opportunity to learn both basic skills and higher-level thinking. For junior learners – and some parents – classes would start with something as simple as turning a laptop on as well as how to power it off and progress to learning how to type sentences and paragraphs. For senior learners, the focus is on learning how to research topics related to their school assignments, as well as offering a skills test from which a set of skill-related exercises can be set.

Meanwhile, the mobile library has also experienced successes. Providing its services to 10 different facilities, the staff have formed a close working relationship with the learners. Following each round of book reviews, learners are provided with small incentives, to ensure they remain enthusiastic about their reading and learning. At the After-School Clubs, the children are able to read in both Afrikaans and English, while parents are inspired to borrow reading material and DVDs during their lunch hour to help boost their children’s enthusiasm about books and reading. The success of the programme is borne out in the numbers: over the last year 7,500 books have been circulated, covering just 14 After-School Clubs.

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