Working groups formed at the Graff Leadership Centre


Leadership training participants have set up six different working groups to assist with the running of the Graff Leadership Centre in Mochudi. Volunteer-led and run, the participants plan each group’s activities and record their minutes and practice proper bookkeeping.

The groups that have been formed include one that looks after the library, keeping track of loans, setting penalties for late returns, taking the inventory and ensuring books are correctly arranged; another raises money to help its members apply for jobs through farming.

A third group encourages fitness. In their running of a soccer tournament, its members have developed their planning and implementation skills. A further group tackles the centre’s recycling needs, not only seeking the benefits to the community that come from recycling, but also searching for a method in which the practice can become income generating.

The final two groups help to run the computer centre, setting clear rules for laptop use, providing assistance in printing documents and engaging the IT officer to assist with technical problem solving; and focus on the psychosocial and well-being needs of Leadership participants, serving as peer counsellors. This latter group will refer their peers to the social worker when they are unable to assist them.

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