New Graff book raises funds for the FACET Foundation


All proceeds from the sale of ‘Graff’, the definitive new book recounting the fascinating history of Laurence Graff and showcasing the essence of the eponymous house, will be donated to the FACET Foundation.

In the book, leading jewellery historians, writers and best-selling authors tell the story of the purveyor of legendary jewels of unparalleled perfection and breathtaking beauty.

From the miracle of diamond discovery through to the artistry of jewellery design, the creation of exceptional timepieces and the emotional connection of a special piece, ‘Graff’ explores every facet of the world’s most spectacular jewels.

The exquisite 272-page tome is lavishly illustrated with beautiful photographs of the jewellery for which Graff is renowned – the most dramatic, mesmerising, and exceptional jewels in the world.

“The diamond is a wondrous material. If you can enhance the gem by cutting it in the right way, finessing the exquisite proportions and allowing the light to dance within the stone, you will find the diamond really lives and speaks to you. Then you know you’ve done a wonderful job.” – Laurence Graff

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