the source of many of
Graff’s finest diamonds

Prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the adult (15-49) population – this is the second highest incidence rate in the world


Number of people living with HIV/AIDS in Lesotho


Number of deaths relating to HIV/AIDS each year. And with a death rate at of 14.89 per 1000 people, the third highest in the world, the suffering impacts the whole population


The estimated life expectancy at birth


Percentage of population less than 25 years old, meaning many young people are orphans


The country’s unemployment rate. The figure soars to 34.4% among Lesotho’s youth, aged 15-24.


Percentage of the population living below the poverty line

1,400 – 3,482

Elevation in metres from the lowest point to the highest: Lesotho features the highest low point of any country in the world

Located in the small Lesotho town of Leribe, The Graff Leadership Centre has become a central meeting place for thousands of children, youth, grandmothers and villagers from neighbouring communities and schools. It offers the following services:

Intensive youth leadership development programmes that build confidence, knowledge and leadership skills in Lesotho’s youth

A community centre for vulnerable young mothers and grandmothers to receive support when they come for training days, mentoring, and arts and crafts activities

A safe sanctuary and home to 37 Basotho girls who will train to become young leaders in their communities

Teacher training for professional development and support

Computer and life skills classes that empower youth and adults with computer literacy, knowledge of gender equity, HIV/AIDS, communication, goal setting, and healthy decision-making

After-school and weekend clubs, sports, educational games, tutoring in the library, and youth volunteer life skills coaching

A special space made available for community services such as HIV testing, civil society, local partnership development and community engagement

500 grandmothers empowered through the Grandmother conferences and support programme

900 vulnerable children educated at five-day Leadership Camps

285 youth developed as agents of change through the intensive Leaders-in-Training programme

1,500 out-of-school youth equipped with life skills

200 young mothers and pregnant girls supported via six-month programmes

thousands of children and youth accessing the library, play structures, games and support resources

150 students trained each year through two-month computers & life skills programmes

Up to 51 girls receive high school education in the Basotho Girls Leadership Corps each year

Help us help more people in Lesotho

Facet’s Partner Charity:

Help Lesotho

Help Lesotho, as its name suggests, works solely in the tiny mountain kingdom of Lesotho running programmes that foster hope, skills and motivation to those most in need in this AIDS-ravaged country. FACET has been a pillar of strength and support to the charity since 2008 to help thousands of vulnerable children, girls, youth and grandmothers.

The work undertaken by the charity targets community priorities such as education, psychosocial support and leadership training. HIV/AIDS and gender equity education is embedded in all programmes and approaches. Working at the grassroots level, it aims to create an AIDS-free generation, end the cycle of poverty and develop the future community leaders of Lesotho.

Visit the Help Lesotho website

Real Stories. Real Changes.


Basotho Girls’ Leadership Corps


Leaders-in-Training Programme

‘M’e Puseletso

Computer & Life Skills Training


Centre Programmes

‘M’e Mamatsoso

Grandmother Support Programme

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